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fast, reliable and secure Internet service


Get The Speed You Need

300 Mbps

Game, stream, and surf to the max. Multiple devices, multiple users, no problem. Increased speed ensures maximum enjoyment regardless of what others may be doing on the Internet. Three Data Plans are available.

200 Mbps

Great for families who need additional speed due to multiple users in the home who stream or game simultaneously.

100 Mbps

Enables multiple devices to load web pages, download files/music and start movies quickly. Great for occasional gamers because it provides fast updates and lower latency.

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Compare Internet Speeds & Plans

Compare Plans & Speeds

Availability varies by market.

Up to 100Mbps High-Speed Internet, Only $55.
Plus, FREE installation.  And no contracts!

100Mbps 200Mbps 300Mbps
Monthly Price* $55 $65 $80
Download Speed Up To 100 200 300
Upload Speed Up To 10 20 30
Best for # of Household Devices 5 10 30
Data Plan 300GB** 600GB** 900GB**
Household Needs Download files/music
Power surfing
Serious gaming
Multiple devices & users
Serious gaming
Multiple devices & users
Home Wifi Included* Included* Included*
Streaming Video Multiple HD Video Multiple HD Video
iTunes Downloads of a 45-minute show 15.6 seconds 7.8 seconds 3.9 seconds

Get the flexibility and speed you want. All Internet plans offer you a choice of a data plan or unlimited data**.  Make any plan UNLIMITED for only $40/month more!

*Plans & pricing for new customers. Rates do not include optional modem fees of $10.50 per month. Rates subject to change. Taxes and fees not included.

**Extra GB usage above included data plans are automatically added in 100GB block for $10 each (up to a max of $50 per billing period).  Customers who use more than 5TB may be subject to speed reduction for the remainder of their billing period.

Home WiFi

Upgrade your home. Get blazing fast high-speed Internet with Home WiFi from NewWave. Stream video. Enjoy online gaming. Power all your home computers, laptops, tablets and more. No contracts.






  • HiTron 2250 is DOCSIS 3.0 compliant and DOCSIS 3.0 certified
  • Supports speeds up to 960Mbps
  • 24 downstream X 8 upstream channel bonding
  • Integrated four port Gigabit Ethernet switch and Wi-Fi 3×3 802.11n+802.11ac dual band MIMO Access Point enable fast and easy home entertainment networkng
  • Designed to Support Bandwidth Intensive Activities like Gaming and Streaming Video

The Speed You Need

Watch the video to learn more about enhancing your WiFi performance.

Speed Test

Experiencing slow Internet speeds? Slow speeds can be caused by many things so first run a Speed Test to see how your Internet is performing.

WiFi Speed vs. Internet Speed


Testing while connected to WiFi will yield slower results than if wired.

  • Thank you for everything you’ve done to upgrade the infrastructure and Internet. It was honestly a 20th century city until NewWave rescued it. I highly recommend NewWave to friends and will continue to champion your business!

    Mr. Castro, NewWave Customer
  • I had the Internet, but I didn’t have the 50 Mb. I went to the local office one day to pay my bill and was told I could get upgraded plus everything for one price – which was a good deal. Now we have the top of the line premium services. Everything is working really, really well.

    Mrs. Root, NewWave Customer
  • NewWave having local offices is tremendously important. I can walk in, look someone in the eye, and talk with them. It’s a great resource for the community.

    Mr. Deiwert, NewWave Customer
  • Price is a big factor. I just pay one bill and get everything I need. We’re not spending what it would cost if we purchased everything individually.

    Mrs. Preston, NewWave Customer
  • I appreciate having a local office in town. They’ve been real nice. They’re just swell people. They couldn’t be any better.

    Mr. Hutchcraft, NewWave Customer

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