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Partnership with NewWave Communications Expands Ritter’s Wholesale Network

Jan 15, 2016

Ritter Communications, headquartered in Jonesboro, AR, recently announced a partnership with NewWave Communications designed to offer both companies extended reach in telecommunications infrastructure.

The partnership will provide both Ritter and NewWave the ability to provide new connections to customers with satellite, or parent sites, in both companies’ territories. Additionally, the relationship will allow for a quicker process of turning-up services to locations within the territories.

“As our wholesale business grows, it’s important to us that we provide more connections to more areas throughout the midsouth,” said Alan Morse, Ritter Communications president. “By partnering with NewWave, we have expanded our reach, meaning more coverage and reliability for our customers.”

The partnership between Ritter and NewWave, which was made official earlier this year, will allow Ritter to continue expanding its ever-growing footprint across the state of Arkansas, and beyond.

“The expanded reach, plus the ability to offer alternative communication solutions to businesses in the MidSouth and MidWest we feel is a real win-win for everyone,” said Kyle Alcorn, NewWave Communications VP of Commercial Services.

Moreover, it will provide Ritter customers with better and new services in the future, as the company continues to establish successful partnerships with other communications providers.


“Throughout this entire process, customer convenience was a top priority,” said Morse. “In the agreement, we have outlined ways to limit the number of channels our customers have to go through to only one vendor for both billing and support — creating more efficiency and better customer service for all our wholesale customers.”

Ritter’s wholesale services offer resilient, secure and dependable network connectivity on Ritter’s state-of-the-art fiber backbone. With Ritter’s unique combination of geographic coverage, reliable, high-quality bandwidth and ease of connectivity, wholesale customers can route across its network with confidence at prices that offer a real competitive advantage.

“Our goal is to provide superior services, as simply as possible, so users experience world class customer service, at a with a local touch,” said Alan Morse, president of Ritter Communications. “This is just one more step, in a line of many, that we have taken to ensure we are constantly expanding our digital footprint so we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible services and products.”