Telephone Backup Battery

Telephone Battery Backup

Feb 15, 2019

Phone Backup Battery Information

NewWave Phone service includes a power failure backup battery which is capable of powering the phone service (eMTA) for up to 8 hours in standby. The included battery does not provide backup power for cordless phones and customers who rely on cordless phones should provide their own power backup for their telephone set(s).


Testing your backup battery

A battery indicator LED on the front of the eMTA will indicate whether the included battery is functioning properly. NewWave leased eMTAs include an option for battery replacement should it fail during the subscription term – please call technical support if you believe your battery is not functioning properly.   Batteries supplied by NewWave should be stored in the eMTA battery compartment and between  -4 *F and 140*F.


Alternative Battery Backup

Customers who wish to use an alternative battery backup solution for an extended battery backup period can purchase a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from many retailers or online vendors. The following UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution is generally available for purchase in electronic retail stores or online and can provide 24 hours of battery backup for the phone EMTA provided by Cable ONE:

APC Smart-UPS X 750VA Rack/Tower LCD 120V

APC Smart-UPS X-Series 48V External Battery Pack Rack/Tower

(Both units required for 24 hours of coverage)