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Where can I locate my TV Channel Lineup

The most up to date TV channel lineup for your community can be located online.  Please visit the NewWave TV Channel Lineups page.  Enter your zip code to view your TV lineup. 

Do I have to have a set-top box on every TV?

NewWave’s Basic and Expanded Basic TV services are available without a set-top boxes.  You can view 60-70 channels on your TV’s without a set-top box.  NewWave set-top boxes are required to enjoy NewWave’s digital, HD, premium movie, pay-per view and digital music channels.     

I can't find all the channels on my Expanded Basic TV lineup?

Some of your Expanded Basic TV channels may be available in digital format only.  Digital Expanded Basic TV channels require a TV with a QAM tuner or a NewWave set-top box for viewing.  Most TV’s purchased in the last 5-7 years are equipped with a QAM tuner while older televisions will require a NewWave set-top box (HD or HD/DVR) to view.  If you have a newer television and are unable to view your Digital Expanded Basic TV channels refer to your TV manual for how to perform a rescan for the digital channels.

How do I display the time instead of channel number on the TV set-top box?

Select “Menu”
The “House” icon will be highlighted
Select “OK”
Go down to “Setup” and select “OK”
Go down to “Cable Box Setup” using the arrow buttons
Select “OK”
Front LED will display “Current Chnl”
Select the right arrow button
Select “Exit”
Time should now appear

Remote does not change channels or control volume on cable box?

Look for the input buttons across the top of your remote. Inputs will be labeled in combinations including Audio, AUX, DVD, VCR, TV, and CBL. Press the CBL button to select your set-top box as the input the remote is controlling.

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