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Phone FAQ

Can I keep my current phone number?

Number portability is the ability to still use your phone number from one phone service provider to another. This is fortunately possible today between phone service providers.  There are exceptions but in most cases you can keep your existing phone number. Or if you prefer you can obtain a new phone number.  You get to choose the option that is best for you.  

How do I set-up my voice mail?

  1. Dial your home telephone number
  2. When you hear the prompt, press the star key and enter the last four digits of your telephone number (your password)
  3. Follow the instructions for changing your password
    4. Lastly follow the prompts to change any other personal options such as your personal greeting

NewWave Voice Messaging Functions

–Press 1 to Listen and Replay Messages
Press 2 to Skip Messages
Press 4 To Skip Back 5 Seconds
Press 5 To Skip Ahead 5 Seconds
Press 7 To Delete Message
Press 9 To Email Message (user must have defined email address to enable this command)

–Press 4 for Personal Options

Press 1 to Change Greeting (and 1 for System Greeting, 2 Personal Greeting & 3 Record Personal Greeting
Press 2 to Record Name
Press * to Exit

–Press * to Exit

How do I use my phone features?

You will find all a list of all of your phone features and how to access them in our Phone Guide.

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