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Billing FAQ

When is my bill due?

Your billing statement due date depends on your billing cycle. You can always log in to NewWave Easy Pay to find the due date for your current billing statement.  You can also find the due date on your paper bill in the top right corner under your account number.

Can I pay my bill online or over the phone?

Online bill pay is free of charge.  NewWave Easy Pay allows you to make a one-time online payment.  In addition, it gives you the ability to sign up for monthly direct deposit.  You can also elect paperless billing. NewWave accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards. You can also pay your bill by using a check from your personal account. All you will need is your bank routing number, account number and the bank name.  Payments can also be made by phone.   

Can I change my reoccurring monthly statement due date?

You can change your monthly statement due date to the most convenient date for your monthly payment schedule. Please call NewWave Customer Service at 1.888.8NEWWAVE to make a change.

Why does my statement indicate a late fee?

All NewWave Communications accounts are due 20 days after your billing date shown on your statement. Residential accounts that do not have a zero balance 21 days after invoicing will be assessed a $7.99 late fee.  Late fees for business accounts are assessed at 1.5% of the statement balance or $7.99 whichever is greater. 

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