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HD and DVR


High Definition Television

Jumping from “regular” TV to HD is amazing!  Sharp pictures, intense colors, a new level of detail in the video…along with the same kind of improvement in audio!  Whether you are a fan of sports, or you watch movies, or nature documentaries…you’ll see the difference.

  • HD channels are free with your HDTV and NewWave service
  • Get premium channels like HBO or Showtime in HD (when you subscribe)
  • Add HD Movies, Music and More for just $5.99/mo.

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Digital Video Recorder

A Digital Video Recorder from NewWave is one of those “extras” that becomes a necessity as soon as you try it!  Your selected programs are stored digitally on an internal hard drive, so you can watch TV when it is convenient for YOU.  You can pause, rewind, stop, or fast-forward your recorded program.  You can pause live TV and create your own instant replays.  Our dual-tuner DVRs let you record two shows at the same time…and you can even watch a recorded show while you are doing it!

  • Watch one channel while recording another
  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward and slow-motion live TV


Gateway DVR

A new way to DVR from NewWave. Special note: Gateway DVRs are offered only when you have 2 or more DVRs per household and are available in select NewWave service areas. Please ask your Customer Service Representative for details!

6 Shows At Once: Record up to 6 shows at the same time and watch them from any room! You can even watch the same recording from two different rooms simultaneously! Now everyone in the family can take advantage of the DVR without fighting over the living room remote.

300 Hours of Storage: Gateway DVR from NewWave features a 500GB hard drive,storing up to 300 hours of your family’s favorite shows. Gone are the days when an unwatched show is deleted to make room for a new recording. You can even connect an external hard drive for nearly endless storage potential.

Caller ID on TV: Now you’ll never have to pause your show for a telemarketer again. Or you can pause if your best friend is calling in. If you have NewWave digital phone service, the caller ID appears directly on your TV screen automatically. Screening your calls has never been easier.

Wi-Fi Router:
Gateway DVR is more than just a DVR – it’s also a Wi-Fi router for your home! If you have NewWave internet service, there’s no need for an additional modem or router to get everyone connected. It’s all right here, in one box. Fewer cables, fewer hassles.

Award-Winning Menus: Gateway DVR features one of the most useful and user-friendly menus available. They’re so great, they’ve even won an Emmy award for interface design. Features include a built-in TV search engine, channel lists by category (news, sports, HD, etc.), customizable listings and a personalized ticker you can display anytime.