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Expanded Basic

Expanded Basic service from NewWave gives you an assortment of popular and local channels filled with news, sports, movies and more! Expanded Basic is a whole-home service brought to you for one low price -– every TV set in your home will have access. Plus there are no long-term contracts to sign or equipment to buy.


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Digital TV

Your NewWave digital starter service combines all the channels you love with Expanded Basic PLUS access to features you’ll enjoy every day! More channels, commercial-free music, and interactive remote control puts you in charge!

  • Interactive Program Guide – search the TV listings, personalize your settings, order movies, sports and specials from Pay-Per-View
  • Set Parental Control – block channels or programs by rating or title
  • Digital Music – More than 45 commercial-free channels, 24/7
  • HDTV – Amazing video and audio with HD. You won’t believe the difference!
  • Access to Premium Channels – includes dozens of channels with



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Sports Pak

If you love sports, this Pak is for you! You get channels focused on regional action from Fox Sports, college sports from CBS and ESPN, plus outdoor recreation, health and fitness. We’re also featuring NFL Network’s Red Zone. You’ll score big with your family and friends!



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Family Plus Pak

Dozens and dozens of channels your whole family will love. The Family Plus Pak includes all the Discovery networks, plus the Nickelodeon suite of channels. There’s music, movies, news, food – and don’t forget the NFL Network. This Pak includes familiar favorites PLUS new channels you’ll love!


To view the channels available in your area, please visit the Channel Lineups page. 

Interactive Guide

The TV Guide® Interactive Program Guide is the place to go when you want to find what’s on.  You can search by movies, sports, children’s programming, and digital music channels.  You can also check your favorite channels to see what’s on now, and what’s coming up later.

Digital Music

Listen to more than 45 commercial-free music channels, 24 hours per day at no extra cost.  From jazz to rock, rap to solid gold oldies – there’s a station for everybody.  Best of all, your digital music is CD quality so it sounds great!


Remote Control

Learn to use your remote. Includes instructions on using the interactive guide as well as setting parental controls. Download the Remote Control Users Guide




Closed captioning is a term describing several systems developed to display text on a television or video screen to provide additional or interpretive information to viewers who wish to access it. Closed captions typically display a transcription of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form), sometimes including non-speech elements.

For closed captions questions or assistance call us at 1-888-8NEWWAVE or email us at [email protected]