Digital Phone

NewWave Phone combines the convenience of having a home phone with great value pricing. Your phone service is delivered through your broadband connection for crystal clarity. Calling essentials like 911 and 411 are, of course, included along with the great calling features you want. We offer two phone service levels.


Girl Talking on Phone
Unlimited Phone

Our Unlimited service delivers just what you’d expect from that name – UNLIMITED local, regional, and domestic U.S. calling.  All the NewWave features, plus UNLIMITED value!  Remember the bad old days of Long Distance charges?  They’re gone forever, along with the high prices that went with them.



Young Man Talking on Phone
Enhanced Phone

Our Enhanced Local service delivers great basic service.  You get unlimited local calling plus 60 minutes of long distance calling each month.  You save every day – visiting with your friends was never better!  Easy, reliable, high quality, great value – a winning combination from NewWave.



Your NewWave phone service includes these favorite features:


  • Voice Mail
    Your own personal messaging system
  • Call Waiting
    While on the phone, a beep alerts you to another call
  • Selective Call Acceptance
    Temporarily block your line from receiving certain calls
  • Call Forwarding
    Lets you send your call to wherever you go
  • 3-Way Calling
    Talk simultaneously to 2 people in different places
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
    Automatically reject all calls from withheld numbers
  • Caller ID
    Displays the number and/or name of an incoming caller
  • Simultaneous Ring
    Service allows up to 4 phones to ring at once
  • Call Block
    Withhold your name and number when calling

Phone Features & Voicemail

Learn about all of the phone features. Includes instructions on setting up and using your voicemail. Download the Phone Guide.

International Calling

Plan Price
100 Minutes $7.99
250 Minutes $14.99
500 Minutes $19.99

Click below to view the Per Minute international calling rates by country and their country codes.

Country Code Country Code
Austria 43 Malaysia 60
Australia 61 Netherlands 31
Belgium 32 New Zealand 64
China 86 Norway 47
Denmark 45 Portugal 351
France 33 Singapore 65
Germany 49 Spain 34
Greece 30 Sweden 46
India 91 Switzerland 41
Ireland 353 Tawain 64
Italy 39 Thailand 66
Japan 81 UK 44
Korea 82