High Speed Internet

We are committed to offering the fastest internet speeds in your community. NewWave High Speed Internet keeps you connected to all of your online favorites like music, movies and shopping – without waiting or the bother of busy signals. You can play the latest games in real time and stream videos without interruptions…all at incredible speeds.

  • Surf, search and download large files at incredible speeds
  • Allows for up to 5 email accounts
  • Over 250 times faster than dial-up
  • 10 times faster than 1.5mbps DSL
  • Be unstoppable in online gaming!



If your Internet use is mostly sending emails to your friends, with the occasional online shopping trip, and some simple ‘net surfing and site visits, this 3Mbps speed is an ideal choice.  Good speed at a great value, with excellent utility and reliability.  There’s no need for a second phone line, and you don’t have to accept the limitations of DSL service.  This may be just right for you!



Choose our 10Mbps service if you send and receive photos, if you download short videos, if you send and receive files.  This is an excellent choice if you occasionally work from home, or if you have youngsters who are doing homework research online.  You get all of our standard Internet features, of course, but with the faster speed and bigger capacity you need.



Want something even faster?  15Mbps is the right speed if you download films and TV shows – your programs download in a flash.  15Mbps is also a good choice if you are gaming with your friends – most games work great at this level.  On a more serious note, this speed is also great for web-conferencing and content sharing.


WarpWave (30Mbps)

Are you a serious gamer? Do you use lots of bandwidth? Is speed what you need? The NewWave 30Mbps level combines speed with capacity…you’ll see the difference.

30Mbps download / 3Mbps upload


WarpWave (50Mbps)

Crazy fast, crazy big.  50Mbps is what you are looking for if you have a network of computers, if you are backing up files, if you need extra, extra muscle in your keyboard.

50Mbps download /  5Mbps upload


Some speeds not available in all areas.


Wireless Home Networking

Let freedom ring when you make your home wireless! Surf whenever and wherever you want with wireless home networking. NewWave now offers a wireless cable modem. This modem, combined with your computer’s wireless card, allows you to search, shop, download and work throughout your home.


Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Are you experiencing slow internet speeds? Slow speeds can be caused by many things first run a Speed Test to see how your internet is performing. If the test comes back with the correct download and upload speeds the problem resides with your computer performance.