About NewWave Communications

NewWave Communications is a broadband/cable company providing television, high speed internet, and digital telephone services for residential and business customers in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas.

If that was all we did, it would be pretty impressive. But it is who we are, and our commitment to what we do, that sets us apart in this highly competitive industry.

Our most important commitment is to our customers. Each customer is a vital part of NewWave, and we are always looking for opportunities to improve their experience with us.  We want the service we provide to be top rate, of course, but we also want all of our customers to enjoy their relationship with us!

We are committed to continuous service improvement and enhancement.  Our fiber optic network is constantly being expanded and upgraded, so we can offer more channels of video and music, along with greater bandwidth to meet the increasing demand for Internet and phone services.

We are committed to our staff members.  We offer training and development programs to help each of our employees reach their professional goals.  We encourage our employee team to work together in a mutually supportive, encouraging environment.

Why choose NewWave?

  •  Local service from your friends and neighbors who care about quality
  •  Local programming plus more than 100 great cable channels
  •  HDTV channels plus HD DVR service
  •  37 music channels with CD clarity
  • Full-featured home phone service
  • No surcharges on your phone bill
  • High-speed Internet service at a range of speeds to meet your needs
  • One, easy-to-understand monthly bill that combines all of your services
  • Savings on every service when you combine two or more

President’s Promise

Our goal at NewWave Communications is really a simple one – to make sure our customers receive the best products and services that are an excellent value. One thing more – we want our customers to know how much we appreciate them and their confidence in us.

The broadband industry is changing constantly.  New technologies, new delivery systems, new channels…there has never been a time when the speed of change has been so fast.  At NewWave, we are constantly looking for the best, most efficient and cost effective ways to bring you the highest quality services.

We also invest in our people. We want your entire experience with NewWave’s team of professionals to be excellent…from your first call to installation…to answering questions or resolving any issues that may arise.

To help us improve at every level, I would like to ask for your help. If you have an experience with us that does not meet your expectations…I want you to let me know.

If you have contacted our Customer Service Representatives and are not happy with your experience, please call President’s Hot Line at 855-90-4PHIL (855-904-7445) or email us at [email protected]. I promise your problem will be resolved.

As always, we thank you for this opportunity to serve you.

If you have any issues of quality with any NewWave service, please call us immediately at 1-888-8NEWWAVE.

Meet the Team